MyQttdCtx * myqttd_ctx_new ( )

Allows to create a new myqttd context (an object used by the myqttd runtime to hold its current run time state).

The idea behind the myqttd initialization is to create a context object and the call to myqttd_init with that context object to create a new run-time. This function also calls to init the myqtt context associated. You can get it with myqttd_ctx_get_myqtt_ctx.

Once required to finish the context created a call to myqttd_exit is required, followed by a call to myqttd_ctx_free.

A newly allocated reference to the MyQttd context created. This function is already called by the myqttd engine.

References myqtt_async_queue_new(), myqtt_hash_new(), and myqtt_mutex_create().