void myqttd_ctx_add_listener_activator ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
const char *  proto,
MyQttdListenerActivator  listener_activator,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to register a new listener activator, a handler that is called to startup a MQTT listener running a particular protocol (or maybe user defined behaviour).

ctxThe context where the handler is being registered
protoThe protocol label that will identify this handler. This protocol label will be used by system administrator while configuring ports this myqttd server instance will listen to. See /etc/myqtt/myqtt.conf (inside /global-settings/ports/port).
listener_activatorThe listener activator that will be called if the proto label matches.
user_dataUser defined pointer that will be passed in into the listener activator handler.

References myqtt_hash_replace_full().