typedef axlPointer(* MyQttdUsersLoadDb)(MyQttdCtx *ctx, MyQttdDomain *domain, MyQttConn *conn, const char *path)

Handler used to define the set of functions that can load an user's backend for a given connection and/or myqtt domain.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place
domainThe domain where this users' backend is being requested to load.
connThe connection that triggered loading this database.
pathThe Path to the users directory for a particular domain where the configuration and database files are found. This value is the users-db= attribute declarated inside the ;lt;domain node, pointing to the directory configured by the system administrator or any other particular setting required by the auth backend. For example, mod-auth-xml module requires this value to point to the directory where the users.xml file is stored. In the case of mod-auth-mysql, this value is ignored and database settings are ignored but taken from $sysconfdir/mysql/mysql.xml file (myqttd_sysconfdir).
The function must return NULL or a valid reference to the database backend to be used by the engine to complete users' operations.