#define TBC_FAST_CLOSE (   conn)
do{ \
error ("shutdowing connection id=%d..", myqtt_conn_get_id (conn)); \
conn = NULL; \
} while (0);
int myqtt_conn_get_id(MyQttConn *connection)
Returns the connection unique identifier.
Definition: myqtt-conn.c:4262
axl_bool myqtt_conn_close(MyQttConn *connection)
Allows to cleanly close the connection by sending the DISCONNECT control packet.
Definition: myqtt-conn.c:3099
#define error(m,...)
Drop an error msg to the console stderr.
Definition: myqttd.h:107
void myqtt_conn_shutdown(MyQttConn *connection)
Allows to shutdown the connection without cleanly closing like using myqtt_conn_close.
Definition: myqtt-conn.c:4498
void myqtt_conn_set_close_socket(MyQttConn *connection, axl_bool action)
Allows to configure what to do with the underlying socket connection when the MyQttConn is closed...
Definition: myqtt-conn.c:4072

Shutdown and closes the connection.

connThe connection to shutdown and close.