axl_bool myqttd_support_simple_smtp_send ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
const char *  smtp_conf_id,
const char *  subject,
const char *  body,
const char *  body_file 

Allows to send a SMTP message using the configuration found on the provided smtp_conf declaration.

This smtp_conf declaration is found at the myqttd configuration file. See 2.6 Receiving SMTP notification on failures and error conditions

ctxThe myqttd context where the operation will be implemented.
smtp_conf_idThe string identifying the smtp configuration (id declaration inside <smtp-server> node) or NULL. If NULL is used, then the first smtp server with is-default=yes declared is used.
subjectOptional subject to be configured on mail body message.
bodyThe message body to be configured. If NULL is provided no body will be sent.
body_fileOptional reference to a file that contains the body of the message.
axl_true if the mail message was submited or axl_false if something failed.

References error, myqttd_config_get(), and myqttd_support_smtp_send().