axl_bool myqttd_users_register_backend ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
const char *  backend_type,
MyQttdUsersLoadDb  loadBackend,
MyQttdUsersExists  userExists,
MyQttdUsersAuthUser  authUser,
MyQttdUsersUnloadDb  unloadBackend,
axlPointer  extensionPtr,
axlPointer  extensionPtr2,
axlPointer  extensionPtr3,
axlPointer  extensionPtr4 

Allows to register a new authentication backend.

A backend is a set of functions tha allows to load a backend and implement different operations like exists or auth user so all these operations can be delegated to a third party module.

ctxThe context where the operation will take place.
backend_typeA simple label to identify the backend registered.
loadBackendThe handler that should be used to load a particular instance of this backend.
userExistsThe handler that should be used to check for if a user exists in the provided backend.
authUserThe handler that should be used to auth a particular user against that backend.
unloadBackendThe handler that should be used to unload and release the provided backend.
extensionPtrWithout use for now.
extensionPtr2Without use for now
extensionPtr3Without use for now
extensionPtr4Without use for now
axl_true if the auth backend was registered, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References msg, and myqtt_hash_replace_full().