axl_bool myqttd_users_do_auth ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
MyQttdDomain domain,
axl_bool  domain_selected,
MyQttdUsers users,
MyQttConn conn,
const char *  username,
const char *  password,
const char *  client_id 

Allows to do an auth operation on the provided users backend (users) in the context of the provided connection (optionally provided) with credentials provided.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
domainThe domain where the operation will take place.
domain_selectedExternal indication to signal auth backend that the domain was already selected or not. Once a domain is selected, it is assumed that any auth operation in this domain with the given username/client_id/password will be final: no other domain will be checked. This is important in the sense that MyQttd engine try to find the domain by various methods, and one of them is by checking auth over all domains. However, because in that context the search for domain is done by using auth operations, then the auth backend may want to disable certain mechanism (like anonymous login) in the case domain_selected == axl_false.
usersThe users' backend where auth operation is requested.
connThe connection where the auth operation is taking place. This conection reference may not be provided (for example an offline auth operation).
usernameThe username to check on the auth operation.
passwordThe password to check on the auth operation.
client_idThe client_id to check on the auth operation.
axl_true if the auth operation finishes successfully, otherwise, axl_false is returned.