axl_bool myqttd_init ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
MyQttCtx myqtt_ctx,
const char *  config 

Starts myqttd execution, initializing all libraries required by the server application.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
myqtt_ctxThe MyQttCtx context to associate.
configLocation of the configuration file to use.

A call to myqttd_exit is required before exit.

axl_true in the case init operation finished without errors, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References abort_error, msg, msg2, myqtt_ctx_new(), myqtt_init_check(), myqtt_init_ctx(), myqtt_mutex_create(), myqtt_support_add_domain_search_path(), myqtt_support_add_domain_search_path_ref(), myqtt_support_build_filename(), myqtt_thread_pool_new_event(), and myqttd_ctx_set_myqtt_ctx().