const char * myqttd_sysconfdir ( MyQttdCtx ctx)

Allows to get the SYSCONFDIR path provided at compilation time.

This is configured when the libmyqttd.{dll,so} is built, ensuring all pieces uses the same SYSCONFDIR value. See also myqttd_datadir.

The SYSCONFDIR points to the base root directory where all configuration is found. Under unix system it is usually: /etc. On windows system it is usually configured to: ../etc. Starting from that directory is found the rest of configurations:

  • etc/myqtt/myqtt.conf
  • etc/myqtt/tls/tls.conf
  • etc/myqtt/web-socket/web-socket.conf

The function can also return the value configured at the <global-settings/system-paths/path> if configured.

1 &lt;system-paths>
2  &lt;path name='sysconfdir' value='your-custom-path' />
3 &lt;/system-paths>
ctxThe myqttd ctx with the associated configuration where we are getting the sysconfdir. If NULL is provided, default value is returned.
The path currently configured by default or the value overrided on the configuration.