Here is a list of all modules:
 MyQtt Init: init, core and common functions
 MyQttd: general facilities, initialization, etc
 Myqttd Config: files to access to run-time Myqttd Config
 MyQttd Connection Manager: a module that controls all connections created under the myqttd execution
 MyQttd Context: API provided to handle MyQttd contexts
 MyQttd Handlers : Function handler definitions used by the API
 MyQttd Loop: socket descriptor watcher
 MyQttd Module Def: Type and handler definitions for myqttd modules
 MyQttd Module: API used to load modules and invoke handlers provided by them.
 MyQttd runtime: runtime checkings
 MyQttd Signal : signal handling support for myqttd
 MyQttd Support : support functions and useful APIs
 Myqttd types: types used/exposed by MyQttd API
 MyQttD Users: authentication engine for MyQttD broker
 MyQtt Conn: Related function to create and manage MyQtt Conns.
 MyQtt context: functions to manage myqtt context, an object that represent a myqtt library state.
 MyQtt Handlers: Handlers used across MyQtt Library for async notifications.
 MyQttHash: Thread Safe Hash table used inside MyQtt Library.
 MyQtt IO: MyQtt Library IO abstraction layer
 MyQtt Listener: Set of functions to create MQTT Listeners (server applications that accept incoming requests)
 MyQtt Msg: Functions to manage messages received
 MyQtt Reader: The module that reads your msgs.This is the module used by libMyQtt to implement of the I/O wait operations for all connections, only a few functions are useful for API consumers creating MQTT applications on top of libMyQtt or plugins for MyQttD broker
 MyQtt Storage: Plugable storage API
 MyQtt Support: Support function used across the library
 MyQtt Thread Pool: Pool of threads which runns user defined async notifications.
 MyQtt Thread: Portable threading API for myqtt
 MyQtt Types: Types definitions used across MyQtt Library.
 MyQtt SSL/TLS: support functions to create secured SSL/TLS MQTT connections and listeners
 MyQtt WebSocket: support functions to create MQTT over WebSocket connections and listeners