nopoll_bool nopoll_conn_accept_complete ( noPollCtx ctx,
noPollConn listener,
noPollConn conn,
nopoll_bool  tls_on 

Allows to complete accept operation by setting up all I/O handlers required to make the WebSocket connection to work.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
listenerThe listener where the connection was accepted.
connThe connection that was accepted.
sessionThe socket associated to the listener accepted.
tls_onA boolean indication if the TLS interface should be enabled or not.
nopoll_true if the listener was accepted otherwise nopoll_false is returned.

References __nopoll_conn_accept_complete_common(), nopoll_conn_opts_ref(), nopoll_false, and NOPOLL_LEVEL_CRITICAL.

Referenced by nopoll_conn_accept_socket().