#define nopoll_return_val_if_fail (   ctx,
)    if (!(expr)) { __nopoll_log (ctx, __function_name__, __file__, __line__, NOPOLL_LEVEL_CRITICAL, "Expresion '%s' have failed, returning: %s at %s (%s:%d)", #expr, #val, __NOPOLL_PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __NOPOLL_FILE__, __NOPOLL_LINE__); return val;}

Allows to check a condition and return the given value if it is not meet.

ctxThe context where the operation will take place.
exprThe expresion to check.
valThe value to return if the expression is not meet.

Referenced by nopoll_conn_accept(), nopoll_conn_accept_socket(), nopoll_ctx_conns(), nopoll_ctx_find_certificate(), nopoll_ctx_foreach_conn(), nopoll_ctx_ref(), nopoll_ctx_set_certificate(), nopoll_listener_from_socket(), and nopoll_loop_wait().