typedef nopoll_bool(* noPollSslPostCheck)(noPollCtx *ctx, noPollConn *conn, noPollPtr SSL_CTX, noPollPtr SSL, noPollPtr user_data)

Optional user defined handler that allows to execute SSL post checks code before proceed.

This handler is configured at nopoll_ctx_set_post_ssl_check and allows to implement custom actions while additional verifications about certificate received, validation based on certain attributes, etc.

Note that when this handler is called, the SSL handshake has finished without error. In case of SSL handshake failure, this handler is not executed.

ctxThe context where the operation happens.
connThe connection where the operation takes place and for which the post SSL check is being done.
SSL_CTXThe OpenSSL SSL_CTX object created for this connection.
SSLThe OpenSSL SSL object created for this connection.
user_dataUser defined data that is received on this handler as configured at nopoll_ctx_set_post_ssl_check