void nopoll_thread_handlers ( noPollMutexCreate  mutex_create,
noPollMutexDestroy  mutex_destroy,
noPollMutexLock  mutex_lock,
noPollMutexUnlock  mutex_unlock 

Global optional mutex handlers used by noPoll library to create, destroy, lock and unlock mutex.

If you set this handlers, the library will use these functions to secure sensitive code paths that mustn't be protected while working with threads.

If you don't provide these, the library will work as usual without doing any locking.

mutex_createThe handler used to create mutexes.
mutex_destroyThe handler used to destroy mutexes.
mutex_lockThe handler used to lock a particular mutex.
mutex_unlockThe handler used to unlock a particular mutex.

The function must receive all handlers defined. In the case NULL values are provided, they will be uninstalled.