noPollMsg* nopoll_msg_join ( noPollMsg msg,
noPollMsg msg2 

Allows to join the provided noPollMsg references to create a newly allocated message (or reusing same reference but increasing reference counting) that contains both content.

msgThe message to be join to the next message. Headers from this message will be used as reference for the headers to be used. In the case this is NULL, the second argument will be used as argument and reference counting will be updated.
msg2The message to be join as a second part for the first argument.

Here are some examples showing how the function works. The notation along the argument indicates the reference counting at the end of the function.

msgA (2) = nopoll_msg_join (msgA (1), NULL); msgB (2) = nopoll_msg_join (NULL, msgB (1)); msgC (1) = nopoll_msg_join (msgA (1), msgB (1)); NULL = nopoll_msg_join (NULL, NULL);

The function returns the newly allocated or reused reference with increased reference counting or NULL if it fails.

References nopoll_msg_ref(), and nopoll_new.