void nopoll_mutex_lock ( noPollPtr  mutex)

Implements a mutex lock operation on the provided reference.

The function just skip when no mutex reference is received o no lock handler was defined.

See nopoll_thread_handlers for more information.

mutexThe mutex where do the lock operation.

The function will just return if the reference isn't defined or the lock handler wasn't installed.

Referenced by nopoll_conn_get_msg(), nopoll_conn_is_ready(), nopoll_conn_opts_ref(), nopoll_conn_ref(), nopoll_conn_unref(), nopoll_ctx_foreach_conn(), nopoll_ctx_ref(), nopoll_ctx_ref_count(), nopoll_ctx_unref(), nopoll_msg_ref(), nopoll_msg_ref_count(), and nopoll_msg_unref().