noPoll License

noPoll terms of use

The noPoll is release under the terms of the Lesser General Public license (LGPL). You can find it at

The main implication this license has is that you are allowed to use the noPoll for commercial application as well on open source application using GPL/LGPL compatible licenses.

Restrictions for proprietary development are the following:

About statically linking noPoll

Statically linking noPoll or any other component based on GPL/LGPL is strictly forbidden by the license unless all components taking part into the final products are all of them GPL, LGPL, MIT, Bsds, etc, or similar licenses that allow an end user or the customer to download the entire product source code and clear instructions to rebuild it.

If the library is being used by a proprietary product the only allowed option is dynamic linking (so final user is capable of updating that dynamic linked part) or a practical procedure where the propritary binary object along with the instructions to relink the LGPL part (including an update or modification of it) is provided.

An end user or customer using a product using LGPL components must be able to rebuild those components by introducing updates or improvements.

Thus, statically linking a LGPL components without considering previous points takes away this user/customer right because he/she cannot replace/update that LGPL component anymore unless you can have access to the whole solution.

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