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Turbulence Handlers : Function handler definitions used by the API


typedef int(* TurbulenceConnMgrFilter )(VortexConnection *conn, axlPointer user_data)
typedef int(* TurbulenceDbListRemoveFunc )(const char *item_stored, axlPointer user_data)
typedef axl_bool(* TurbulenceLoopOnRead )(TurbulenceLoop *loop, TurbulenceCtx *ctx, int descriptor, axlPointer ptr, axlPointer ptr2)
typedef void(* TurbulenceSignalHandler )(int signal)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* TurbulenceConnMgrFilter)(VortexConnection *conn, axlPointer user_data)

Handler definition for the set of functions that are able to filter connections to be not broadcasted by the turbulence conn mgr module.

The function must return true to filter the connection and avoid sending the message broadcasted.

connThe connection which is asked to be filtered or not.
user_dataUser defined data associated to the filter configuration.
true to filter the connection, otherwise return false.
typedef int(* TurbulenceDbListRemoveFunc)(const char *item_stored, axlPointer user_data)

A function which is called to know if an item must be removed from the turbulence-db list.

This handler is used by turbulence_db_list_remove_by_func.

item_storedThe item which is being requested to be removed or not.
user_dataUser defined pointer passed to the function and configured at turbulence_db_list_remove_by_func.
true if the item must be removed, otherwise false must be returned.
typedef axl_bool(* TurbulenceLoopOnRead)(TurbulenceLoop *loop, TurbulenceCtx *ctx, int descriptor, axlPointer ptr, axlPointer ptr2)

Handler definition used by turbulence_loop_set_read_handler to notify that the descriptor is ready to be read (either because it has data or because it was closed).

loopThe loop wher the notification was found.
ctxThe Turbulence context where the loop is running.
descriptorThe descriptor that is ready to be read.
ptrUser defined pointer defined at turbulence_loop_set_read_handler and passed to this handler.
ptr2User defined pointer defined at turbulence_loop_set_read_handler and passed to this handler.
The function return axl_true in the case the read operation was completed without problem. Otherwise axl_false is returned indicating that the turbulence loop engine should close the descriptor.
typedef void(* TurbulenceSignalHandler)(int signal)

Handler definition used by process calling to turbulence_signal_install which has visibility to access to the right TurbulenceCtx object.

This handler must call to turbulence_signal_received in the case and call to turbulence_signal_reconf in the case of SIGHUP received.

signalThe signal that was received.