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Turbulence runtime: runtime checkings


#define TBC_FAST_CLOSE(conn)


int turbulence_run_config (TurbulenceCtx *ctx)
void turbulence_run_load_modules_from_path (TurbulenceCtx *ctx, const char *path, DIR *dirHandle)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TBC_FAST_CLOSE (   conn)
do{ \
error ("shutdowing connection id=%d..", vortex_connection_get_id (conn)); \
vortex_connection_set_close_socket (conn, axl_true); \
vortex_connection_shutdown (conn); \
vortex_connection_close (conn); \
conn = NULL; \
} while (0);

Shutdown and closes the connection.

connThe connection to shutdown and close.

Function Documentation

int turbulence_run_config ( TurbulenceCtx ctx)

NOTE: do not move log reporting initialization from here even knowing some logs (at the very begin) will not be registered. This is because this is the very earlier place where log can be initializad: configuration file was red and clean start configuration is also read.

References abort_error, error, msg, TBC_VORTEX_CTX, turbulence_config_get(), turbulence_config_is_attr_negative(), and turbulence_ctx_get_vortex_ctx().

void turbulence_run_load_modules_from_path ( TurbulenceCtx ctx,
const char *  path,
DIR *  dirHandle 

Tries to load all modules found at the directory already located.

In fact the function searches for xml files that points to modules to be loaded.

ctxTurbulence context.
pathThe path that was used to open the dirHandle.
dirHandleThe directory that will be inspected for modules.

References error, msg, msg2, turbulence_file_name(), turbulence_module_open_and_register(), and wrn.