ValvuladModDef module_def
Initial value:
= {
"Valvulad test module",
void test_close(ValvuladCtx *ctx)
Close function called once the valvulad server wants to unload the module or it is being closed...
Definition: mod-test.c:76
void test_reconf(ValvuladCtx *ctx)
The reconf function is used by valvulad to notify to all its modules loaded that a reconfiguration si...
Definition: mod-test.c:104
ValvulaState test_process_request(ValvulaCtx *_ctx, ValvulaConnection *connection, ValvulaRequest *request, axlPointer request_data, char **message)
Process request for the module.
Definition: mod-test.c:87

Public entry point for the module to be loaded.

This is the symbol the valvulad will lookup to load the rest of items.