Valvula server installation

1. Installing Valvula server from packages

Please, before continue, check the following page to see if there are valvula package already available for your os:

For example, for debian / ubuntu system you can install it by running:

>> apt-get install valvulad-server

After that, you must install those modules you want. For example:

>> apt-get install valvulad-mod-ticket

Now, follow valvula administration manual to configure the server: Valvulad server administration manual

2. Installing Valvula server from latest stable source code release

To fully install Valvula server you must have the following packages installed in your system:

After that, get the latest Valvula release from and then run:

>> tar xzvf valvula-1.X.X.tar.gz
>> cd valvula-1.X.X
>> ./configure

If everything went ok, compile valvula with the following to compile the project:

>> make

If everything went ok, install binaries and additional files by running:

>> make install

Then, to have working console administration tool ( you need to have python-axl installed. To have it installed, take a look at For debian systems, you can also install it by running:

>> apt-get install python-axl

Now see next section to know how to setup valvula to get it up and running.