LuaVortex’s documentation center!

LuaVortex is a lua ( binding for Vortex Library 1.1, maintained and supported by ASPL (, that includes full support to write client/listener BEEP applications written entirely in lua.

Because quality matters, as with Vortex Library 1.1, LuaVortex development is being driven and checked with a regression test suite to ensure each realease is ready for production environment.

LuaVortex execution model for async notifications is really similar to Vortex Library, borrowing GIL concept from python, extending and adapting it to lua’s way of function. In simple terms, this means LuaVortex library execution will still use threads but only one thread at time will be executing inside the context of Lua. See LuaVortex’s execution model for details.

Because LuaVortex is a binding, Vortex Library 1.1 documention must be used while using LuaVortex:

Manuals and additional documentation available:

API documentation:

Community support

Community assisted support is provided through Vortex Library mailing list located at:

Professional ensured support

ASPL provides professional support for LuaVortex inside Vortex Library Tech Support program. See the following for more information: