ext-Dns: a framework to build DNS server solutions


ext-Dns is a software solution, written by ASPL (Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.), that is composed by a core library, an extensible forward dns server and some additional tools designed to create DNS server solutions that are able to do any additional operation at the resolution level (running commands, rewritting replies, gathering stats and so on), without any limit.

ext-Dns comes to provide a ready to use solution in the case you want to build a DNS server that takes additional actions at the resolution level in an easy way, that is, its design is focused on allowing people to implement whatever they like when a request is received, freeing them from most of the details that involves handling DNS protocol.

Note that, if you are looking for a DNS server that just resolves against a database and nothing else, it is better to use another DNS solutions available like: PowerDNS (which we really like it), ISC Bind, MaraDNS and many more...

If you ever wanted to build a DNS server that does certain operations when it receives an incoming request, then ext-dns is for you!

What can I do with ext-DNS framework

Briefly with ext-Dns components you can:

Getting started with ext-DNS

See the following manuals to start using ext-DNS:

Additional documenantation and tutorials:

Commercial support and license

ext-Dns and all its components are released under the LGPL2.1 license, which means you can use it for commercial and open source products, as long as you meet some requirements. Please, check LGPL2 license for more details.

Limited support is provided via community mailing list (see below). In the case you want commercial support to get faster to your solution by getting exact information on how to use any of ext-Dns components, fast path resolution, etc, please, contact at: info@.nosp@m.aspl.nosp@m..es (spanish and/or english). See more details at: http://www.aspl.es/ext-dns/commercial-support

Contact us

Contact us if you find bugs, patches or interesting ideas for the project, or in the case you find any problem while using ext-Dns. You can reach us at ext-Dns mailinst at: ext-dns users.

If you are interested in getting commercial support, you can also contact us at: info@.nosp@m.aspl.nosp@m..es (spanish and/or english).