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What is jsVortex?

jsVortex is a robust and well-tested javascript implementation of the Block Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP), known as the Beepcore, defined in RFC3080 and RFC3081 documents. jsVortex provides an extensible network application protocol to produce highly interactive Internet applications on top of the WEB platform.

It is by no mean a complete replacement of the HTTP protocol, but a complement and in some cases an alternative. jsVortex is useful where it is required "more" features and a "highly interactive, reall full-duplex" way to exchange data between the browser and the server.

Currently all major browsers are supported: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera by using WebSocket Protocol (BEEP over WebSocket) or JavaSocketConnector, but the intention is to cover more browsers in the future and more transport mappings (especially websocket).

Who's behind

jsVortex was written by ASPL, developers of Vortex Library and Turbulence and it is being used in production by products like Core-Admin (http://www.core-admin.com).

What is BEEP?

BEEP (http://www.beepcore.org) is a powerful network application protocol definition that allows to design the best solution for your data exchange needs. To do so, it provides the better practices and features that are "always" required by any networked application:

  • Built-in authentication framework with SASL.
  • Secure sessions with TLS.
  • Asynchronous exchange: both peers may issue and receive a BEEP message at any time.
  • Support for channels which allows to separate and better reuse several application protocols on top of the same BEEP session.
  • A rich set of predefined message types and exchange styles: MSG, RPY, ERR and ANS/NUL.
  • Built-in MIME support.
  • Built-in real-time profile negotiation which allows deploying different versions of the same protocol without problems, mixing different profiles or to implement true TLS virtual hosting on the same IP.

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