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Download jsVortex sources

Take a look into vortexlibrary sourceforge site to download latest jsVortex sources.

Using jsVortex

For moderm Web browsers when WebSocket is available, just uncompress sources and add the following header to your page to load the Vortex.js (you have to do appropriate changes to the path to Vortex.js):

  <!-- include jsVortex files: place this code inside <head> -->
  <!-- section, before <body> section begins                 -->
  <script src="/path/to/Vortex.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In the case you want to also have JavaSocketConnector support (requires java applet support), added the following:

  <!-- include JavaSocketConnector files -->
  <script src="/path/to/JavaSocketConnector.js"></script>

And then add the following inside the <body> node to load JavaSocketConnector component:

  <!-- Include this, inside <body> section -->
  <applet id="JavaSocketConnector"

Then ensure you have support for java in your brower. See http://www.java.com. Java is required to provide the socket API required to implement the BEEP protocol.

jsVortex regression test

jsVortex development is checked against a regression test to ensure each release, at least, do not break existing checked functionality. See documentation about how to setup a local regression test environment.

This regression test is updated on each stable release.

jsVortex release tracking

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