noPoll Professional Support Services

Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. provides professional services for noPoll development (support for WebSocket development using noPoll).

What is included in the basic external tech support contract?

Commercial support highlights are:

  1. Priority support over requests without a support contract.

  2. Direct and guaranteed tech support.

  3. Fast patch resolution.

  4. Not required to get support through the mailing list.

  5. Includes a commercial contract with confidential clauses.

Why should I acquire a noPoll support contract?

noPoll is an Open Source initiative financed by Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. It is released under the LGPL license terms, allowing to develop Open Source and Commercial (closed source) project.

However, this doesn't ensure getting any tech support, patch resolution, etc, from Advanced Software Production Line,S.L. Currently, limited support is provided through the noPoll mailing list.

To get priority and guaranteed tech support to solve questions and fix bugs found while developing your project is only provided through a commercial contract.

More information

If you are interested in getting a commercial support, please contact us at: info@aspl.es.