Turbulence License

Turbulence license model is based on providing the source code under a set of terms that allows to develop commercial and proprietary applications.

Turbulence code, its base library and some modules are released under the LGPL 2.1 library. This allows to use and link against Turbulence using Open Source as well as Commercial applications, provided some conditions. Read full license description at: LGPL 2.1.

Tools included by turbulence, which doesn't require linking operations are provided under the terms of the GPL 2. Read full license description at: GPL 2

ASPL is releasing Turbulence with no royalty or fee, even for commercial development. However, using Turbulence in any form doesn't implies to receive guaranteed support and any other professional services. If your intention is to receive professional guaranteed support please read: professional services

With the intention to provide a brief, though not comprehensive list, here is the set of general conditions:

  1. You can develop Open Source and Commercial applications that uses Turbulence in any way.

  2. All modifications done to the Turbulence code must be returned back either to the Turbulence repository or included with your application. You can't make private changes to Turbulence without making them available to your customers or end users. In the case you want to do so, you must buy a Turbulence Commercial License.

  3. You can modify, copy, redistribute and use Turbulence and its associated code with no restriction but without ANY WARRANTY, OF ANY KIND. If you want some levels of warranty you must buy a Turbulence Support contract.

You can contact us for licensing and support questions at: <info@aspl.es> (English or Spanish).