vortex.ctx — LuaVortexCtx class: context handling

API documentation for vortex.ctx object representing a vortex independent context. vortex.ctx object is a fundamental type and represents a single execution context within a process, that includes the reader loop, the sequencer loop and a shared context execution for all connections, listeners and channels created inside it.

In most situations it is only required to create a single context as follows:

-- create context
ctx = vortex.ctx.new ()

-- init context
if not ctx:init () then
   print ("ERROR: expected to find proper vortex.ctx initialization..")
   return false

Due to lua automatic collection it is not required to explicitly close a context because that’s is done automatically when the function/method that created the ctx object finishes.

After creating a context, you can now either create a connection or a listener using:

Module API

class vortex.ctx

Creates a new uninitialized vortex.ctx object. Then a call to vortex.ctx.init is requierd to start the vortex engine.

Return type:Returns a new vortex.ctx object.

Allows to init the context created.

Parameters:ctx (A vortex.ctx object.) – An uninitialized vortex.ctx object created with vortex.ctx.new
Return type:Returns true if the context was started and initialized or false if failed.
new_event(ctx, microseconds, handler[, user_data][, user_data2])

Allows to install an event handler, a method that will be called each microseconds, optionally receiving one or two parameters. This method implements lua api for vortex_thread_pool_new_event. See also its documentation.

The following is an example of handler (first parameter is vortex.ctx, the rest two are the user parameters):

-- install a handler caller each 10000 microseconds
event_id = ctx:new_event (10000,
               function (ctx, param1, param2)
                   print ("Handler executed!")
  • ctx (A vortex.ctx object) – The vortex context where the event will be installed.
  • microseconds (Number) – Period between each handler execution measured in microseconds.
  • handler (Handler) – A user defined handler.
Return type:

Returns the event id unique identifier installer.


Allows to check if the provided vortex.ctx is indeed a vortex.ctx object.

Return type:Returns true in the case it is a vortex.ctx object. Otherwise, false is returned.

(Read/Write attribute) (true/false) returns or set current debug log. See vortex_log_is_enabled.


(Read/Write attribute) (true/false) returns or set current second level debug log which includes more detailed messages suppresed. See vortex_log2_is_enabled.


(Read only attribute) (true/false) returns or set current debug log colourification. See vortex_color_log_is_enabled.


(Read only attribute) (Number) returns current vortex.ctx reference counting state.