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arrow Axl library documentation

Axl documentation is build using doxygen tool. Please, report any issue found, improvement or any comment you may find while using this documentation.

Here is also a set of miscellaneous documents that relates to the Axl library:

arrow Axl support and mailing list

If you have any question, comment or improvement to be notified you can reach us at the Axl mailing list. Here is the subscription interface:

NOTE: due to the excessive junk mail received, it is required to first register before posting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

arrow Change notifications

Changes accepted, and included into the library

arrow Download Axl library (Sources)

You'll find Axl library stable releases at the Vortex downloads section, at Here is the link:

arrow Axl library for Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian

Debian/Ubuntu packages are also provided using the following apt repository:

# public aspl debian repository (BULLSEYE)
deb bullseye/

# public aspl debian repository (BUSTER)
deb buster/

# public aspl debian repository (STRETCH)
deb stretch/

# public aspl debian repository (JESSIE)
deb jessie/

# public aspl debian repository (WHEEZY)
deb wheezy/

# public aspl debian repository (SQUEEZE)
deb squeeze/

# public aspl debian repository (LENNY)
deb lenny/
# public aspl ubuntu repository (FOCAL 20.04 LTS)
deb focal/

# public aspl ubuntu repository (BIONIC 18.04 LTS)
deb bionic/

# public aspl ubuntu repository (XENIAL 16.04 LTS)
deb xenial/

# public aspl ubuntu repository (PRECISE 12.04 LTS)
deb precise/
# public aspl Raspbian Wheezy repository
deb raspbian-wheezy/

Then run an apt-cache search axl to look for axl packages.

arrow Axl library for CentOS 6 / Centos 7

CentOS packages are also provided using the following yum repository:

# /etc/yum.repos.d/ASPL-Base.repo
# Aspl-Public repo 
# ASPL packages for libaxl, vortex, nopoll, myqtt, ext-dns, valvula
# and other open source public projects

name=Aspl-Public-$releasever - Base

# Aspl-Private repo 
# ASPL packages for commercial projects like core-admin
name=Aspl-Private-$releasever - Base

Then run the following to look for axl packages:

>> yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="aspl-public" list available

arrow Github / Subversion


Although previous sections contains references to current stable releases, you can also check out current latest Axl Library status at this time.

If you find something missing or not properly implemented, you can either drop us an email at the Axl mailing list or test current SVN status.

Check the following url to get access the latest source code:

arrow Release tracking

Here is the release history, with a reference to the changelog produced:

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