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arrow Products and applications using Axl Library

This is a list of known applications using Axl Library and a minimal description about them. Contact us through the Axl Library mailing list to notify more applications using Axl.

arrow TML/Sidex: a BEEP profile construction kit


TML/SIDEX is a pragmatic approach to solve daily work problems. It is scalable from a small call with a few parameters to complex data structures and interfaces with many commands. This is proved in real world projects and running every day in hundreds of installations all over the world. You can check a reference list and a description of the software on

TML/SIDEX provides an integrated and ready to use solution for cross platform network communication. It provides ready to use peer to peer architecture with synchronous and asynchronous calls.

The TML/SIDEX combination is a powerful solution that enables programmers to implement network communication interfaces fast and easy. See more at:

See the following introduction about TML/SIDEX to know more about it:

arrow Core-Admin: server administration & IoT platform

Core-Admin is an extensible solution for server and device administration that integrates into a single solution powerful administration panels, an external and highly detailed internal checking engine and an event notification system that will allow you to track to the minute the state of all your systems connected to a central console.

Core-Admin uses LibAxl to support all xml requirements which are configuration files and some protocol invocation methods.

arrow Vortex Library: a BEEP implementation (RFC3080/RFC3081)

Vortex Library is an implementation of the RFC 3080 / RFC 3081 standard definitions, known as the BEEP Core protocol, implemented on top of the TCP/IP stack, using C language. Additionally, it comes with a complete XML-RPC over BEEP RFC 3529 support.

arrow Turbulence: BEEP application server

Turbulence is a general BEEP server built on top of Vortex Library, that provides many site administration features.

Turbulence is extensible through modules, allowing to implement server side profiles that are used and combined later with other profiles through run time configuration.

Turbulence is written to make it easy to develop and deploy BEEP profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration interface to site administrators and end users.

Commercially supported, Turbulence is provided as an Open Source application released under the LGPL 2.1 (see licensing section), allowing to develop commercial and open source products.

Turbulence it is developed and maintained by ASPL, and released under the terms of the LGPL 2.1 with the intention to promote the use of BEEP.

arrow MyQtt: stack MQTT para escribir servidores MQTT

MyQtt is an Open Source professional MQTT stack written in ANSI C, which supports v3.1.1 and v3.1, focused on providing support to create MQTT servers/brokers. MyQtt has a modular design that allows creating MQTT brokers/servers by using the API provided by libMyQtt (which in fact is composed by several libraries: libmyqtt, libmyqtt-tls, libmyqtt-websocket). It is also provided a ready to use MQTT broker called MyQttD which is built on top of libMyQtt. MyQttD server is extensible by adding C plugins.

There is a Python interface to libMyQtt called PyMyQtt so it's possible to write fully functional MQTT brokers in Python.

arrow Fovap: an XSL-FO 1.0 implementation

Fovap in an implementation of the XSL-FO 1.0 standard recommendation, which describes a way to produce formating output described by XML. It has been used to produce quality reports from Af-Arch applications.

arrow Af-Arch: a framework to produce distributed applications

Af-Arch is a framework to quickly develop distributed applications that stores its data into database SQL servers. It is a service oriented architecture, with source code generators and support for C and C# client application programming.

arrow Shaper: a xml document reporter from Af-Arch servers

Shaper allows to convert every Af-Arch server, and any XML-RPC over BEEP listener into a source of data to produce xml documents. It includes an embedded syntax to perform invocations store data received and manipulate it to be placed in the final result. It syntax is very similar to XSLT.

arrow Ju-Doc: a Javascript API documentation generation tool

Ju-Doc is a tool that allows to extract project API documentation by inspecting your Javascript source code structure and taking comments preceding them. Ju-Doc takes advantage from Axl Stream module to parse Javascript source code to produce an intermediate XML representation which is later translated into the final output (HTML).

arrow GMPC magnatune plugin

Gnome music player client plugin shows a considerable memory consuption reduction after replacing LibXML with Axl Library. See the following post:

arrowCherokee/MonetDB Handler OSM

Highperformance OSM API server implementation using Axl Library.

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