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DTD element type enumeration.

While using DTD declaration, ELEMENT used to define how your xml document is structured and constrained, are clasified using the following values.

This type specification must not be confused with NodeType, which is the configuration for an element, inside the content DTD element specification.


Used to represent that the element declaration have no content inside it.

This includes not only PCDATA (data stored between xml tags) but also any child declaration.


Used to represent that the element used in your xml document could contain anthing without any contraint.


Used to represent that the following xml node have content not only defined by a set of allowed xml nodes but also PCDATA.


Used to represent that the folowing xml node have only xml nodes as content, in the form of xml childs, without inlucing PCDATA.


Used to represent that the DTD element specification contains only PCDATA.

No child nodes or childs nodes mixed with PCDATA.