How to install ext-DNS

ext-Dns is written using ANSI C, and should compile without any dificulty in any platform with a C compiler.

Currently ext-Dns depends on Axl Library for some XML functions and for the set of base core library elements like hashes, lists...

Please, before continuing, check if there are available ready to use packages for your distribution.

First, you must get libaxl available at your host. Please check for instructions at:

Once you're done with libaxl, go to to get latest source code. The following steps are required to compile ext-dns.tar.gz:

>> tar xzvf ext-dns-{version}.tar.gz
>> cd ext-dns-{version}
>> ./configure
>> make
>> make install

If everything went right, with previous steps you'll make libext-dns and ext-dnsD server available at your host.

Please, report any problem you may find at the mailing list: Contact us