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AXL: Another XML Library implementation (XML 1.0 standard)


AXL is a library which aims to implement the XML 1.0 standard, as defined at the XML 1.0 third edition recommendation found at:

It was implemented to support XML requirements inside projects developed by Advanced Software Production Line, S.L., especially Af-Arch and Vortex Library, which are already using the library successfully in production environments.

Some features this library has are:

What is the status of the library

Currently the library is stable and it is known to work under GNU/Linux and Windows with a really good performance. See reports found at to know more about this.

The library already covers the 95% of common requires that XML development needs. Among others, it support:

Mostly completed DTD validation support, including <!ATTLIST>, <!ENTITY> and <!ELEMENT> elements. Remains to implement NOTATION declarations and full entity replacement.

Library Documentation

The library documentation is composed into two pieces. The Axl manual and the API documentation.

Contact us

If you find something not properly documented, or some question is not answered on this documentation, check the mailing list.

You can also contact us if you have patches, improvements or suggestions at the mailing list.