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axl-knife: command line tool built on top of Axl.


axl-knife is a command line tool that includes xml related features and the intention is to concentrate into the tool, features to make Axl Library available to the command line.

This manual includes information about operations that support the tool and how to activate them:

Building a C inline representation from a DTD file

This feature allows to create a C header file representing a particular DTD file, so it can be used and parsed as it were a file by included into the source.

The main advantage from this approach is that the application or library using Axl Library services do not have to bundle DTD files into its installers. Those files are already included into the source. In many cases, those DTD files are than less than 1K.

To create a C DTD representation use:

>> axl-knife --input DTD-FILE.dtd --dtd-to-c --output DTD-FILE.dtd.h --ifnewer

The argument –ifnewer allows to signal the tool to not produce any output if the input file is not found to be newer.

Now use axl_dtd_parse to open a reference to the DTD.

Prepare xml content to be included into xml

In the case you require to include xml content into a web page, you can use –htmlize option to prepare the content, adding CSS style classes to configure how your xml document will look.

Use the following to produce xml content ready to be included into html:

>> axl-knife --input xml-file.xml --htmlize