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axlDtdElementListNode * axl_dtd_item_list_get_node ( axlDtdElementList itemList,
int  position 

Allows to get the provided item node reference (axlDtdElementListNode) from the provided item list (axlDtdElementList).

Provided position ranges from 0 up to axl_dtd_item_list_count.

itemListThe itemList where the operation will be performed.
positionThe position where the item node will be looked up.
A reference to the axlDtdElementListNode, or NULL if there is no item node at the selected index. The function return NULL if the provided position is a non positive value or it is greater than the current item list count (axl_dtd_item_list_count) or the provided item list reference is NULL.

References axl_dtd_item_list_count(), axl_list_get_nth(), and axl_return_val_if_fail.