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void axl_error_report ( axlError **  _error,
int  code,
char *  format,

Allows to report a new error message with an associated error code on the provided axlError reference.

This function provides the same function like axl_error_new but at the same time it provides support for printf-like arguments and no requires to provide a reference to an axlStream which is suitable for axl libraries but not applications on top of it.

_errorReference to the axlError to be initialized with the error to be reported. In the case NULL is received nothing is done.
codeThe error code to report.
formatPrintf-like error message to report.

References axl_free(), axl_new, and axl_stream_strdup_printfv().

Referenced by axl_item_are_equal_full(), and axl_node_are_equal_full().