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void axl_hash_insert ( axlHash hash,
axlPointer  key,
axlPointer  data 

Inserts a key index value into the provided hash table.

The function will store the data provided on the hash setting no destroy function for the key and the data stored. See axl_hash_insert_full for more details.

NOTE: The insert operation will replace a previously inserted item with the same key. If no item is found, and insert will take place, otherwise previous item is replaced calling to the key destroy and data destroy defined.

hashThe hash table where the insert operation will be produced.
keyThe key to store in the hash table. If the key is found, previous data is replaced, storing this new key and the value provided.
dataThe data to store associated to the provided key.

References axl_hash_insert_full().

Referenced by axl_node_annotate_data().