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void axl_log ( char *  domain,
AxlDebugLevel  level,
char *  message,

Allows to drop a log to the console.

This function allow to drop a log to the console using the given domain, as an identification of which subsystem have reported the information, and report level. This report level is used to notify the consideration of the log reported.

The function allows to provide a printf like interface to report messages. Here are some examples:

1 // drop a log about current library initialization
2 axl_log ("axl", AXL_LEVEL_DEBUG, "library properly initialized status=%d", status);
domainThe domain where the log as generated. if NULL is provided a log with no domain will be generated.
levelThe level that this message is classificed.
messageThe message to report. The message to report must be not NULL.

References AXL_LEVEL_CRITICAL, AXL_LEVEL_DEBUG, AXL_LEVEL_WARNING, axl_log_color_is_enabled(), and axl_log_is_enabled().

Referenced by axl_dtd_check_entity_ref_and_expand(), axl_error_new(), axl_stream_new(), and axl_stream_push().