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int axl_node_annotate_get_int ( axlNode node,
const char *  key,
axl_bool  lookup_in_parent 

Allows to retrieve the annotated int value stored on the particular node, under the provided key.

nodeThe node that is required to return the annotated data.
keyThe key to be used to lookup for the data annotated.
lookup_in_parentOnce the lookup fails, this variable allows to signal the function to also lookup the value in the parent nodes. This mechanism allows to store data on parent nodes that are shared by child nodes.

NOTE: To make this function work properly you must store double values using axl_node_annotate_int. Storing values using other functions will lead to unpredictable results.

The integer value stored using axl_node_annotate_int. If the key provided doesn't exists, the function returns 0.

References AXL_LEVEL_CRITICAL, axl_node_annotate_get(), and axl_return_val_if_fail.