VortexMimeHeader * vortex_frame_mime_header_next ( VortexMimeHeader header)

Provided a reference to a MIME header VortexMimeHeader, the function allows to get the next MIME header found on the VortexFrame.

Example: assuming you want to traverse all "Received" MIME header use:

1 // get first header
2 VortexMimeHeader * header = vortex_frame_get_mime_header (frame, "Received");
4 // foreach header found
5 do {
6  printf ("MIME Header found %s : %s\n",
7  vortex_frame_mime_header_name (header),
8  vortex_frame_mime_header_content (header));
10  // get next header
11  header = vortex_frame_mime_header_next (header);
12 } while (header != NULL);
headerThe header where the operation will be performed.
A reference to the next MIME header or NULL if it fails. The function can only fail if the header reference received is NULL.