Commercial Support

Vortex Library is commercially supported through professional services provided by ASPL. See Vortex Library professional services for more information.

Community support / Bug reporting

If you find any question about using Vortex Library, improvements, suggestions or you need help, find other Vortex users at the mailing list at:

[doc ref]Vortex mailing list.

NOTE: To post messages to the list, it is required to sign up first.

Generating a patch

In the case you want to submit a patch, please, consider the following:

  1. Do not change current file encoding. At this moment it is used utf-8 with \n for new lines. This applies especially for windows users that may produce patches with \r\n.
  2. Try to follow coding rules you see around the file (8 space tab, curly braces following functions and control structures,...).

Once you are ready, generate a pull request to

Note that it is important that your patch do not break current regression test. Please, use them to ensure your patch works and, if possible, add a regression test that reproduce the bug and test the fix. See next for instructions.

Running vortex regression tests to test your patches

To run the regression test do the following (unix instructions):

  1. First, run regression listener located under test/ directory like follows:
  >> cd test/
  >> ./vortex-regression-listener

  2. Now, under another terminal, do the same to run the client:
  >> cd test/
  >> ./vortex-regression-client

In the case you want to enable the console debug to see what happens, just append the following to each command (note you must compile vortex with log debug which is the default if you didn't change anything):

  # for example, to run the client with log debug enabled, do
  >> VORTEX_DEBUG=1 VORTEX_DEBUG_COLOR=1 ./vortex-regression-client

Support the Vortex Library project

We are looking for partners and sponsors to support the Vortex Library project. Please, contact us if you need to know more about supporting Vortex Library at: