Who is using Vortex Library?

TML Messaging Suite is a network messaging library for rapid development of extensible and scalable interfaces. Based on the peer to peer standard protocol BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol), defined in RFC3080 and RFC3081 libTML is suitable for many use cases and communication patterns. Equipped with a type safe data API, TML can transport hierarchical data structures fast and reliable. read more...

TML/SIDEX is a pragmatic approach to solve daily work problems. It is scalable from a small call with a few parameters to complex data structures and interfaces with many commands. This is proved in real world projects and running every day in hundreds of installations all over the world. You can check a reference list and a description of the software on http://www.wobe-team.com.

TML/SIDEX provides an integrated and ready to use solution for cross platform network communication. It provides ready to use peer to peer architecture with synchronous and asynchronous calls.

The TML/SIDEX combination is a powerful solution that enables programmers to implement network communication interfaces fast and easy. See more at: https://www.tml-software.com/products/tml/

See the following introduction about TML/SIDEX to know more about it: http://prezi.com/qg0kpllkzn3l/beep-en/

Core-Admin is an extensible solution for server and device administration that integrates into a single solution powerful administration panels, an external and highly detailed internal checking engine and an event notification system that will allow you to track to the minute the state of all your systems connected to a central console.

Core-Admin uses Vortex Library through Turbulence (http://www.aspl.es/turbulence) to implement the server side component that controls all servers.


The Barracuda NG Firewall is an enterprise-grade next-generation firewall that was purpose-built for efficient deployment and operation within dispersed, highly dynamic, and security-critical network environments

In addition to next-generation firewall protection, it provides industry-leading operations efficiency and added business value by safe-guarding network traffic against line outages and link quality degradation.

User identity and application awareness are used to select the best network path, traffic priority, and available bandwidth for business-critical traffic. In case of line failure, the Barracuda NG Firewall can transparently move traffic to alternative lines and keep traffic flowing.

Barracuda NG Firewall 5.4 Reference

Two major components of phion's access control solution netfence entegra have been developed based on the VortexLibrary: the entegra health agent and the netfence policy server.

By checking status both before and during the connection, entegra ensures that only policy conform endpoints are granted access to resources. Additional functions also eliminate threats at the endpoint level, thus establishing a corporate-wide Network Access Control - without having to invest in the network infrastructure. entegra also provides actively controlling security functions in conjunction with the switch and by means of the 802.1x integration, in order to restrict or prevent unauthorised network access. The port security also makes it possible to assign guests in the network to VLANs which then gives them internet access, for example.

Netfence Entegra documentation


Well, Vortex is really phantastic. Keep up the good work.
Ralf S. Engelschall