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void axl_node_set_is_empty ( axlNode node,
axl_bool  empty 

Allows to configure the given node to be empty.

A axlNode is empty when it is known that the node doesn't have any content inside it as a child element. If the node has content, and the value provided to this function is axl_true, the function will deallocate the content inside.

You can use this function to clear all the node content (ITEM_CONTENT and ITEM_CDATA) found inside the node, as follows:

1 // clear all content inside
2 axl_node_set_is_empty (node, axl_true);
nodeThe node to configure as empty.
emptyThe value for emptyness to be used. axl_false will mean that the node is not empty.

References axl_item_get_type(), axl_item_remove(), AXL_LEVEL_DEBUG, axl_return_if_fail, axl_true, ITEM_CDATA, and ITEM_CONTENT.