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int axl_list_always_return_1 ( axlPointer  a,
axlPointer  b 

An equal function that could be used to make elements to be stored inside an axlList at the end as the are added, without replacing any previously added item.

If it is needed to create a list that stores elements at the end as they are added, this function could be used as the axlEqualFunc, while calling to axl_list_new.

aFirst item.
bSecond item.
The function always return 1.

NOTE: If you use this function and your intention is to remove items (without calling to axl_list_free) you must use axl_list_remove_ptr or axl_list_unlink_ptr since axl_list_remove and axl_list_unlink relays on the equal function to find and remove the item. Because this function never return 0, the item is never removed.

Referenced by axl_dtd_validate(), axl_node_get_pi_target_list(), and axl_stream_link_full().