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void axl_stream_link_full ( axlStream stream,
axlPointer  element,
axlDestroyFunc  func,
axl_bool  free_on_finish 

Allows to associate data references with a destroy function, like axl_stream_link, but ensuring the object reference will be released once finished the axl stream, no mather if the application code calls to axl_stream_unlink.

streamThe axlStream where the document will be linked to.
elementThe element to link (may a axlDoc or a axlDtd).
funcThe function to call once the stream is released.
free_on_finishaxl_true to make the reference to be released on axlStream deallocation. Providing axl_false to this value is equivalent to call to axl_stream_link directly.

References axl_list_add(), axl_list_always_return_1(), axl_list_new(), axl_new, and axl_return_if_fail.

Referenced by axl_stream_link().