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char * axl_stream_get_untilv ( axlStream stream,
char *  valid_chars,
int *  chunk_matched,
axl_bool  accept_terminator,
int *  result_size,
int  chunk_num,
va_list  args 

Allows to perform the same operation like axl_stream_get_untilv but providing an already initialized and opened std arg.

This function is in fact, used by axl_stream_get_untilv.

streamThe stream where the operation will be peformed.
valid_charsThe valid chars set to be used while reading data.
chunk_matchedAn optional value where the matched chunk will be reported.
accept_terminatorConfigure if terminator read should be accepted or only the chunk read.
result_sizeAllows to notify the caller with the chunk size that is being returned by the function.
chunk_numHow many terminators are configured.
argsThe list of terminators.
The chunk read or NULL if fails.


Referenced by axl_stream_get_until(), axl_stream_get_until_ref(), and axl_stream_get_until_zero().