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axl_bool axl_cmp ( const char *  string,
const char *  string2 

Allows to compare two strings provided, s1 and s1 to be equal.

In the case both are equal, axl_true is returned. Otherwise axl_false. The function compares that both are equal not only by making the first to be contained inside the second string. The check also ensures that "test" isn't equal to "test1".

stringFirst string to check.
string2Second string to check.
axl_true if both string are equal, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References axl_false, and axl_true.

Referenced by axl_doc_get_list(), axl_doc_get_pi_target_content(), axl_doc_has_pi_target(), axl_dtd_are_equal(), axl_item_are_equal_full(), axl_list_find_string(), axl_node_are_equal_full(), axl_node_get_attribute_value(), axl_node_get_pi_target_content(), axl_node_has_attribute(), axl_node_has_attribute_value(), axl_node_has_pi_target(), axl_node_remove_attribute(), axl_ns_node_cmp(), axl_pi_are_equal(), and axl_stream_remove().