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const char * axl_node_get_attribute_value ( axlNode node,
const char *  attribute 

Allows to get current content of the provided attribute inside the given node.

It is recomended to call first to axl_node_has_attribute to ensure that the attribute to be reported its value already exists. See also ATTR_VALUE.

nodeThe axlNode where the attribute value associated will be returned.
attributeThe attribute that is being required for its value.
A string containing the attribute value or NULL if fails. Returned value must not be deallocated, it is a reference to a local copy. Use axl_strdup function to get a persistent copy.

References axl_cmp(), axl_hash_get(), and axl_return_val_if_fail.

Referenced by axl_node_get_attribute_value_copy(), axl_node_get_attribute_value_trans(), axl_node_get_attribute_value_trimmed(), and axl_node_has_attribute_value().