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void axl_node_set_content ( axlNode node,
const char *  content,
int  content_size 

Allows to set content to the given axlNode instance.

The xml node content is that part defined inside two balanced xml tags, using the same label. Here is an example:

1 <data>
2  Content inside the xml node.
3 </data>

The function perform a local copy from the content received, doing all entity replacement required.

The following table shows the set of characters that this function will translate into its corresponding entity:

CharacterEntity name
nodeThe xml node, represented by an already initialized axlNode, where the node content will be set.
contentThe content to set to the axlNode. The function will perform a local copy from it.
content_sizeThe content size that is being provided. If -1 is used, the function will use strlen function to get current content size.

References axl_false, axl_new, axl_node_has_invalid_chars(), axl_return_if_fail, and ITEM_CONTENT.