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#define NODE_CMP_NAME (   node,
)    (axl_cmp ((node) ? axl_node_get_name(node) : "><", (name) ? (name) : "<>"))

Allows to easily check that the given xml node (axlNode) have the provided name.

This macro is provided as a convenience to check that a particular node have a particular name. Check the documentation that this macro is wrapping to get examples: axl_node_get_name.

NOTE: This function isn't XML Namespace aware. You must use axl_ns_node_cmp instead. See axl_ns_doc_validate.

nodeThe axlNode where the name will be compared with the provided value.
nameThe name to compare.
axl_true if names are equal or axl_false if not.

Referenced by axl_doc_get_list(), axl_dtd_validate(), axl_node_find_called(), axl_node_get_child_called(), axl_node_get_next_called(), and axl_node_get_previous_called().